El Salvador

Volcan Fuego
Our last night in Antigua… Christian and Iris at Hostel Antigueno (hands down the BEST place to stay in Antigua) and Volcan Fuego bid us a warm adios and buen viaje.

We decided to ignore the warnings of the certain death that awaited us in yet another very dangerous country… this time El Salvador. Of course the warnings always come from those world experts who have never been there. As usual we’re glad we did.

Camping in a beachfront restaurant
After a record SEVEN hour border crossing we decided to camp next to the bar.


First night in El Salvador

River in El Trunco

El Trunco

Coco Trees
One thing to always keep in mind here… more people are killed by falling cocos than lightning.

Doggie Showdown
“I already done told you Butch… this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

Rainy rainy season
When it rains here… It RAINS! This pool was created in 15 minutes.

Surfer Creation Story
Surfer creation story. This explains SO much.
Wyatt and Carson Surf
Waiting for the mother ship.

Kaila Surfa

If you’re interested in visiting El Slavador here’s some key info.

Currency: US Dollar

Cost of beer: About a buck a bottle

Best beer: Frankly, they’re all pretty awful. Generally, we liked Pilsener the best… but that’s not saying much. There is an El Salvadoran craft brewing company named Cadejo. It’s twice as good as everything else, not widely available, and 2.5 times as expensive. Try it if you find it but $2.50 a whack is a little steep for a 10.5 oz bottle of beer.

Cost of diesel: $2.80 / gallon

Cost to camp: We averaged $15 a night.

If you go out to eat you’ll find the Food to be generally cheap… and boring. And like everywhere… if you want to spend a lot, there are places that will be willing to part you from your coin. We bought fish off the boat and veggies from local farms… and ate handsomely.

Overall: We stayed in El Slavador for roughly 3 weeks, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The beaches are great. The people are warm and friendly. And the roads are terrible.

Total daily expenses… about $55 a day.