Hey - could you reach down and turn that handle...

I’ll bet your life bears little… if any resemblance to your childhood dreams.

“Dad… I want to be a fireman who’s also a cowboy who explores outer space who’s also a chef who has a pet monkey… when I grow up.”
“Business people make more money son.”

American society is a circular argument. Success is lots of money. Lots of money is success.

I don’t care what anyone says… a cowboy Captain Kirk who helps people in distress as he cruises the omniverse in search of rare spices with his furry side kick named Abu is waaaaaaay cooler than being a banker.

So many lead such boring and predictable lives today that real adventurers are becoming a thing of the past. People brag about spending 100 hours a week in cubicles now.

I wonder if the animals in a zoo know they’re locked up. Or if… since they were born in a cage… and everyone around them is caged too they see it as the way it’s supposed to be.

I’m sure you know where I’m headed with this. The difference… we lock ourselves into our cages. Hoping that if we make our cage comfortable enough… we’ll forget it’s a cage.

Scientists warn us about germs that could end all human life on earth. Why couldn’t the same be true of ideas?

Since moving out of my cage I’ve learned… or maybe I’ve remembered… a few important lessons.

– Everything is a belief.

– We’re all flying through space at unimaginable speeds on a rock that’s spinning at more than a thousand miles per hour. Yet we believe ourselves to be “standing still” and “in control”. I don’t think I need to say any more about the reliability of our judgement.

– Outside of the fact that you have to die… there are no rules to life. You can do whatever you want. Be whatever you want to be. And start… stop… or change whenever you want. Really. Fate has unexpected plans for you. We’re all counting on you to find out what they are.

– If money is the answer… you asked the wrong question.

– Sacrificing freedom for security is a pernicious trap.

– Play makes life more fun.

– Nothing will bring more to your life than love.

– Dreams… especially the crazy ones that have nothing to do with money… are really important.


Family Fun

We’re well over a hundred days into our ninety day Guatemalan (CA 4) visa… a long-ish story for another day. And I’ve gotta say that Guatemala has definitely lived up to it’s billing.

The roads… horrible.

The roads aren't great here

The people… incredible.

Kaila and Oscar

The scenes… amazing.

Goodnight Sun.

The guns… everywhere. (Seriously… everywhere. It’s like being in a western. This place could be a case study for the gun debate)

Don't bring your guns to town son...

The food… meh. It’s not bad but it’s awfully bland for such a colorful culture.

Guatemalan Food

The beer… holy shit – it is bad. WHY HAVE THE BEER GODS FORSAKEN THESE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRIES??? My advice… only drink the beer when it’s too cold to taste.

It needs to be cold... really cold

Guatemala is history wrapped in beauty wrapped in an adventure sprinkled with shitty beer. In other words… you gotta see it.