Month: April 2016


Mazatlan feels like a “land” in Disneyland where we’re magically transported back by one of the old Pan Am Clipper flying boats to a tropical “destination” of the late sixites and early seventies… Mazland. More…

Above Maz
Photo Credit: Wyatt Foley


I thought I had a clever caption for this pic. Something like “Nature’s the best teacher.” But… I kept looking at it and it occured to me that I really couldn’t see where nature ended and Kaila began. So… I think I’ll just let it speak for itself.

Wild Style


I’ve never actually put a ruler to it so I don’t know the exact square footage of our home… but… it’s small. It fits in the back of my truck. Yep… we’re one of THOSE families… who live in the back of a truck… and a glorified tent. My Mom is so proud! More…

Home sweet home


Don’t you ever wonder why we don’t have one international language? I mean, all these languages in an era that claims to be globalized… seems kinda silly. And it’s gotta be a great source for misunderstandings.

The kids asked if sign language was universal. I didn’t know… but it got my hopes up. I mean, sign language is a relatively new entry in the game… maybe they thought ahead. I checked. Nope, there’s even more than thirty different sign languages… really.

I’m not saying that we should all learn ONLY the same language… you could certainly keep your native language. And I wouldn’t even care which language is chosen. Just as long as we all have one in common.

Here’s the current breakdown. Thirty eight percent of the world speaks nine different languages… Chinese being the most common (more than twice as common as English). Sixty-two percent of the population speaks different languages.

Anyway… here’s last nights sunset.


Another Sunset


Palm Sunset

There are a lot of good guide books that cover general travel in Mexico, but there’s only one book that dedicates itself to camping in Mexico. It’s called the Church book by most… More


Dreams bring our lives to life. They make “doing” the focus.

Nostalgia isn’t the memory of better times. The good ole days weren’t all that good. It’s the call from a time when we were brave enough… or crazy enough to dream.

Holding the sun

Maybe you followed some of those dreams… and maybe you got slapped around a bit. And now you’re sane… and smart… and afraid. You’re NOT gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe again.

But the problem with being smart and sane is that it’s predictable and boring. It draws from the past… what’s been done. And that makes it seem like our life is behind us. So we long for the time when we didn’t feel that way.

Maybe it’s not so crazy and dumb to be crazy and dumb. Maybe it’s time to dream again.

Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who lives in the back of his truck.


In the States a lot of young kids have phones. For safety reasons I’ve been told… of course. So it didn’t surprise us at all to see that in a place as dangerous as Mexico, the kids have phones too.

Can you hear me now?


Two weeks. 48 Pacifico Ballenas. Roughly 154 tacos. 393 pictures.
Time to move on.

The whole enchilada

DUOLINGO: The kids and I have been using this really fun, FREE app to perfect our spanish… although I just tested out as 52% fluent and it seems I spend most of my time saying… “Que?” More…


In our travels we’ve visited the failed societies of Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi. We’ve read a good deal about the disaster that was Easter Island, and we’re boning up on the Maya… cause we’re headed their way. It’s all really interesting stuff. More…

La Parroquia