Month: April 2015

24 April, 2015

EASY RIDERS Happy Birthday Wyatt! Wyatt turned thirteen on the twenty third. It’s hard to believe that thirteen years have gone by since I caught that little bugger right out of the chute. Up until the moment he hit my hands the whole having a child thing had just been a few minor inconveniences for me…a few late night trips… Read more →

22, April 2015

Heat Seeking Mission


Believe it or not, snow is in the forecaast for the next few days in the Flagstaff area. NO THANKS! We’re going to duck down into the Verde Valley and keep warm.

18 April, 2015


Tombstone is a very fun town…contrary to what Ike Clanton may have told you. We dropped a few more bucks here than we normally would…but in our defense there was gun play, and yellin’, and killin’, and everyone got up and hugged each other in the end. It’s not every day you get to see the same guy get killed more than once.

15 April, 2015

Chato’s Land APACHE LAKE The Apache Express, or highway 80, runs from Apache Junction up to Canyon Lake and then turns into a dirt road. We spent the night at Canyon Lake – a really pretty campsite in a sketchy campground – and carried on the next day aimimng for the rim country on the Apache Reservation. The highway turns… Read more →


Returning to our camp in the McDowell Mtn regional park late last Wednesday afternoon, after a trip to town to get provisions, we found that we had new neighbors. There were ten of them and It took Wyatt less than a minute to get everyone’s name, where they were from, and if they wanted to come over for dinner…pretty much… Read more →

Belly Boy Takes A Beating

It was one of those beautiful Maui evenings. If you’ve been there you know exactly what I mean. Nearly eighty degrees, a light breeze out of the west, the sun still painting a thin strip of red on the horizon, and ukulele music drifting down the Kaanapali beach strand. After saying good night to my Mom I left her eleventh… Read more →

The Most Dangerous Place On Earth…

…or…Carson’s No Good, Terrible, Awful, AWESOME DAY! Since we started letting people know we were going to take this adventure we’ve gotten a list of dangerous places we should never consider going. Mexico – they kill kids down there. Columbia – they kidnap kids down there…You get the point. We started our adventure with a few weeks in Kaanapali beach,… Read more →