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30 June, 2015

The Ultimate Campground Host

Grizz the ultimate campground host

We’ve met A LOT of campground hosts and many of them are really, really good at their job. But Grizz is what I call a category killer. If you ever find yourself in the Lake Powell area we recommend the Lone Rock Beach campground largely because of Grizz.

We spent nearly three weeks there and although it’s a GREAT place to camp…you can camp on the beach and as close to the water as you dare…Grizz was probably the biggest reason we stayed so long.

After watching him chase down some some pretty rough looking locals who were speeding down the beach one night, we asked him if he ever get’s scared when discharging his duties. “I’ve been shot twice and blown up once”, he said. “I don’t get scared too often anymore.”

We had many great nights on the beach sitting around the fire with Grizz and his companions, Dutchess and Buddy, and we even cooked a super tasty beef brisket together one afternoon in a fire pit that the kids built on the beach and lined entirely with rocks.

If you see Grizz please give him a hearty hello from us…and make sure not to speed on his beach!

24 April, 2015

EASY RIDERS Happy Birthday Wyatt! Wyatt turned thirteen on the twenty third. It’s hard to believe that thirteen years have gone by since I caught that little bugger right out of the chute. Up until the moment he hit my hands the whole having a child thing had just been a few minor inconveniences for me…a few late night trips… Read more →