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28 June, 2015

Family First

Kaila contemplates life at the campfire

It seems that we adhere to an economic mythology that criticizes the people who put their relationships, family, and the raising of their children ahead of their work, and makes heroes of those who do the opposite.

1 June, 2015

On the San Juan River

Bivouac trailer under the Milky Way in Gooseneck State Park

This is what ZERO light pollution looks like. The Stars often look like fireworks and satellites appear so bright and move so quickly across the sky that they look like UFO’s.


Returning to our camp in the McDowell Mtn regional park late last Wednesday afternoon, after a trip to town to get provisions, we found that we had new neighbors. There were ten of them and It took Wyatt less than a minute to get everyone’s name, where they were from, and if they wanted to come over for dinner…pretty much… Read more →

Belly Boy Takes A Beating

It was one of those beautiful Maui evenings. If you’ve been there you know exactly what I mean. Nearly eighty degrees, a light breeze out of the west, the sun still painting a thin strip of red on the horizon, and ukulele music drifting down the Kaanapali beach strand. After saying good night to my Mom I left her eleventh… Read more →